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SSC GD Constable 2015 Exam 4 october 2015 Evening Shift

Exam NameSSC GD Constable 2015 Exam 4 october 2015 Evening Shift
DescriptionThis exam contains questions and answers for SSC GD Constable 2015 Exam held on 4 october 2015, SSC GD Constable Exam 2015 questions and answers. SSC GD constable exam 2015 answer key. SSC GD Constable Exam solved paper 2015.

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Question: Which of the following countries was the first to give women the right to vote?


Question: A very hot and dry local wind blowing across north indian plains in summer is?


Question: In india national youth day is celebrated on ?

Answer:12th January

Question: The method that cannot be used for removing permanent hardness of water is?


Question: Who is the women boxer to win silver medal in London olympics 2012?

Answer:Mary Kom

Question: who propounded the dynamic theoty of profit?

Answer:Clark and

Question: The second largest continent of the world is?


Question: Population census is taken once in?

Answer:10 years

Question: The nuclear reaction in which the mass is converted into energy is called?


Question: A person with blood group O can receive blood transfusion from person with blood groups?

Answer:O only

Question: Which mauryan ruler accompanied Bhadra Bahu to Shravanabelagola ?


Question: Heavy grey coloured clouds which are responsible for rain are called?


Question: An amphoteric substance acts as?

Answer:both an acid and base

Question: the first PM who had resigned without attending the parliament session was?

Answer:Charan Singh

Question: The "Continent of contrasts" is ?


Question: Under the constitution public health and sanitation and hospitals and dispensaries fall in the?

Answer:State list

Question: The group of countries that are usually referred to as the "Baltic countries" consist of?

Answer:Astonia, Latvia and Lithunia

Question: The first electrnic digital computer contain the following?

Answer:Vaccum tubes

Question: Which among the following was the viceroy of india when the mutiny of 1857 took place?


Question: The Ramakrishna mission was founded by?

Answer:Swami Vivekananda