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SSC (10+2) Solved Paper Conducted on 02/11/2014 IInd shift.

Exam NameSSC (10+2) Solved Paper Conducted on 02/11/2014 IInd shift.
DescriptionSSC conduct the various type of recruitment of all the offices comes under Central Government which require the qualification Graduation and Non-Graduation (10+2). Higher Secondary qualified students are eligible for Data entry Operator and lower Division Clerk, Typist, and such other post of the Central Government Offices. For better preparation for the competition and to know the Pattern of the Combined Higher Secondary competition conducted by SSC I am giving the Back year Paper of the year 2014 which help the candidate for better performance.

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Question: Which one of the following is not a rabi crop ?


Question: Kolkata and Delhi are connected by:

Answer:NH No 2

Question: The driest part of India is :

Answer:Western Rajasthan

Question: 'Mumbai High' is associated with:


Question: India switched over to the decimal currency system in :


Question: Which one of the following goods has only exchange value ?


Question: How much of India's total geographical area is forestland ?


Question: The second plan gave priority to :

Answer:Heavy Industries

Question: The power to decide an Election Petition for the State is vested in the ::

Answer:High Court

Question: How many items are there in the Union List ?


Question: What is the maximum gap permissible between two sessions of Parliament ?

Answer:Six months

Question: When were the Fundamental Duties incorporated in the Constitution ?


Question: Small farmers in the country have been defined as those farmers having land holdings of :

Answer:below one hectare

Question: The number of Nationalized Banks in India are :


Question: The Crimean War in 1854-1856 was fought between.

Answer:Russia and Turkey

Question: The 'Last Supper' a famous Renaissance Painting was a master piece of .

Answer:Leonardo da Vinci

Question: Varahamihira was :

Answer:an ancient astronomer

Question: Talking to one's own self:


Question: Rift Valley is formed :

Answer:between two faults

Question: Lake formed by Aswan Dam in Africa.