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SSC subordinate 6 26 2016

Exam NameSSC subordinate 6 26 2016
creatorssc exam(105)

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Question: Which one of the following is the chief characteristic of ‘mixed

Answer:Rearing of animals and cultivation of crops together

Question: In which of the following state” Bahini Darbar” a monthly newspaper
for the women is published by the women?

Answer:Madhya Pradesh

Question: Which Sikh Guru compiled the adi Granth?

Answer:Guru Arjun Dev

Question: Who founded the dynasty of Tuluva?

Answer:Krishnadeva Raya

Question: Who was the first Muslim to invade India?

Answer:Muhammad Ghori

Question: Which of the following is not an Upaveda?


Question: Where has world’s largest Wi-Fi network benn established recently?


Question: Through which one of the following groups of countries does the
equator pass?

Answer:Colombia, Kenya and indonesia

Question: A Cookie-

Answer:Stores information about the user’s web activity

Question: When was alternative Energy Devolpment institute established for
the development of alternative energy in Uttar Pradesh?


Question: PM Narendra Modi declared how many smart cities for India?


Question: Consider the following statements regarding the measure of money
supply in India-

1. M 1 refers to currency with the public+ demand deposits with the
banking system+ other deposits with the RBI

2. M 4 refers to M 3 + All deposits with post office

Choose the correct answer from the statements given above-

Question: Who among the following is related to disinvestment commission?


Question: Kyzyl Kum desert is situated in-


Question: The rivers of South India mainly have which of the following
drainage patterns?


Question: In the year 2016, U.P. Pravasi Divas was celebrated on which day?

Question: The status of “Special Category States” is given to certain states to
target the fund flow for better balanced growth. Which of the
following states fall under this category?

1. Rajasthan

2. Uttarakhand

3. Bihar

4. Jammu & Kashmir

5. Himanchal Pradesh

6. Jharkhand

Select the correct answer using the codes given below-

Answer:2, 4 and 5

Question: The new proposed price stabilization fund scheme will be
implemented for which of the following items initially?

1. Tea

2. Rubber

3. Onion

4. Coffee


Question: Which of the following ministry has recently started ‘ePace’ and
‘infracon’ facilities?

Answer:Ministry of Road Transport

Question: Match the following:


1. India Gain Storage Management and 1. Allahabad
Research Institute

2. National Institute for Entrepreneurship and 2. Hapudh
Small Business Development

3. Govind Ballabh Pant 3. Noida
Social Science Institute

4. Harish Chandra Research institute 4 .Allahabad

1 2 3 4

Answer:2 3 1 4