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SSC subordinate 6 26 2016

Exam NameSSC subordinate 6 26 2016
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Question: Gandhi’s 11 points ultimatum was given to the viceroy before
starting civil Disobedience Movement. What are correct with respect to this ultimatum?

1. Reduce Rupee- Dollar exchange rates.

2-Reduce land revenue by 50%

3.Release political prisoners.

Question: Which is the shortest day in Southern Hemisphere?

Question: Match list Ι with list Ι Ι-

List- Ι (Country) List- Ι Ι(Capital)

1. Tanzania 1. Rabat

2. Kenya 2. Nairobi

3. Namibia 3.Dodoma

4.Morocco 4.Windhoek

1 2 3 4

Question: Who among the following lead the agitation against the partition of

Bengal (1905)?

Question: The name of cloud ‘Nimbus’ defines-

Question: The Canadian Pacific railway runs between-

Question: Who has the power to declane an area as schedule area for the

protection of scheduled tribes?

Question: Aasra Yojana was started in Uttar Pradesh In-

Question: Under which article of the constitution the governor of states has
been empowered to promillage ordinance?

Question: Which of the following books is not written by Sarojini Naidu?