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SSC Tax Assistant GS 2007

Exam NameSSC Tax Assistant GS 2007
DescriptionSSC (Staff Selection Commission) Tax Assistant 2007 GENERAL AWARENESS

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Question: What is the International Date Line?

Answer:It is the 1800 longitude

Question: The oldest type of energy known to man is

Answer:geothermal energy

Question: Rusting of iron takes place due to


Question: The river also known as Tsangpo in Tibet is


Question: The largest ocean is

Answer:Pacific Ocean

Question: Energy that is produced commercially from coal is called

Answer:Thermal energy

Question: Jhum cultivation is a method of cultivation which used to be practiced in


Question: Earthquake is caused by

Answer:disturbance of earth surface

Question: We always see the same face of the moon, because

Answer:it takes equal time for revolution around the earth and rotation on its own axis

Question: The largest producer of gold in the world is

Answer:South Africa

Question: The busiest and the most important sea route of the world is

Answer:North Atlantic Sea Route

Question: In terms of area, India is the – largest country of the world.


Question: The word 'Veda' means


Question: Ain-i-Akbari was written by

Answer:Abul Fazl

Question: The medieval city of Vijayanagar is not known as


Question: Which one of the following Mughal buildings is said to possess the unique feature of being exactly equal in length and breadth?

Answer:Taj Mahal

Question: With the fall of which among the following, the French Revolution began?


Question: The founder of the 'Brahmo Samah' was

Answer:Raja Ram Mohan Roy

Question: The correct chronological order in which the British established their trading centre in the places mentioned below is

Answer:Surat, Madras, Calcutta, Bombay

Question: The Revolt of 1857 was started by

Answer:the Sepoys