Time Speed and distance QUESTIONS

Exam NameTime Speed and distance QUESTIONS
DescriptionTime Speed and distance QUESTIONS and Answers exams contains the questions from various competitive exams.These questions are the part of previous year paper.These kind of questions would be helpful in preparing for exams like IAS, PCS, UPSC, NDA, CDS SSC, RRB, PSC, IBPS

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Question: A train eniers into a tunnel AB at A and exits at B. A jackal is sitting at O in another by passing tunnel AOB, which is conneted to AB at A and B. where OA is perpendicular to OB.A cat is sitting at P inside the tunnel AB making the shortest possible distance between O and P. such that AO: PB=30:32 When a train before entering into the tunnel AB makes a whistle (or siren) somewhere before A, the jackal and cat run towards A, they meet with accident (with the train) at the entrance A. Further if the cat moves towards B instead of A it again meets with accident at the exit of the tunnel by the same train coming from the same direction.
57- The ratio of time taken by cat and jackal in moving OAPO and PBOP respectively given that they do not meet with accident:


Question: A candle of 6 cm long burns at the rate of 5 cm in 5 h and another candle of 8 cm long burns at the rate of 6 cm in 4 h. What is the time required by each candle to remain of equal lengths after burning for some hours, when they start to burn simultaneously with uniform rate of burning?

Answer:none of these

Question: Two boats start at the same instant to cross a river W metre wide. The faster boat reachesthe other bank and returns back immediately. What are the distances travelled by them when they meet, where the speeds of these boats are b_1& b_2?

Answer:2W/((b_1+b_2 ) ) b_1 and 2W/((b_1+b_2 ) ) b_2

Question: Mariya was travelling in her boat when the wind blew her hat offf and the hat started floating back downstream. The boat continued to travel upstreamfor twelve more minutes before Mariya realized that her hat had fallen off and turned back downsteam. She caugth up with that as soon as it reached the starting point. Find the speed of river if Mariya’s hat flew off exactly 3 km from where she started:

Answer:7.5 km/h

Question: Akbar, Birbal and Chanakya run around a circular track of length 500m. Akbar and Birbal run with the speeds of 15m/s and 20m/s in the same direction respectively and Chanakya being very intellegent run in the opposite direction with a speed of 25 m/s. If all three of them start at the same time, then:

Answer:Akbar meets Birbal least frequently

Question: Arun and Barun run with the speeds of 30 m/s and 20 m/s around a circular track of 600 m. They participate in a 3000 m race. What is the distance covered by Arun when he passes Barun for the 5th time?

Answer:none of these

Question: Akkal and Bakkal are running on a circular track of radius 175 metres. Akkal can complete a round in 100 seconds and the speed of Bakkal is twice the speed of Akkal. They started simultaneously towards each other from two points 350 metres diametrically opposite on the circular path. If they first meet at a point they called it love point, which is between the two points P and Q from where they have started their race, after how much time from the start do they meet at love point for the third time?


Question: Arti and Barkha start swimming towards each other from the deep end and shallow end respectively of a swimming pool. The ratio of their speeds is 1:2 respectively. Each swimmer rests for 6 seconds once she reahes the other end and starts swimming back. Where will they meet for the second time in the still water of swimming pool?

Answer:at the shallow end

Question: A and B runs around a circular track. A beats B by one round or 10 minutes. In this race, they had completed 4 rounds. If the race was only of one round, find the A’s time over the course:

Answer:7.5 min

Question: A,B and C participated in a race. A covers the same distance in 49 steps. As B covers in 50 steps and C in 51 steps. A takes 10 steps in the same time as B takes 9 steps and C takes 8 steps. Who is the winner of the race?


Question: Shambhu drives his car very fast at 360 m/s. Moving ahead for some hours he finds some problem in headlights of the car. So he takes 20 seconds in Changing the bulb of the headlight by stopping the car. Mean while he notices that another car which was 400 m back is now 200 m ahead of his car. What is the speed of this car?

Answer:108 km/h

Question: Two persons start from the opposite ends of a 90 km straight track and run to and fro between the two ends. The speed of first person is 30 m/s and the speed of other is 125/6 m/s. They continue their motion for 10 hours. How many times they pas each other?


Question: At what time after 3:10 am. The acute angle made by the minute and hour-hand is double to that of at 3:10 am. For the first time?

Answer:3 h 320/11 min

Question: If the two incorrect wateches are set at 12:00 noon at correct time, when will both the wateches show the correct time for the first time given that the first watch gains 1 min in 1 hour and secon watch loses 4 min in 2 hours:

Answer:12:00 noon,, 30 days later

Question: Rajeev and Sanjeev are too close friends Rajeev’s watch gains 1 minutes in an hour and Sanjeev’s watch loses 2 minutes in an hour. Onec they set both the watches at 12:00 noon, with my correct watch.When will the two incorrect watches of Rajeev and Sanjeev show the same time together?

Answer:10 days later

Question: At a railway station a 24 hour watch loses 3 minutes in 4 hours. If it is set correctly on Sunday noon when will the watch show the correct time?

Answer:12 noon after 80 days

Question: A swiss watch is being shown in a museum which has a very peculiar property. It gains as much in the day as it loses during night between 8 pm to 8 am. In a week how many times will the clock show the crrect time?

Answer:14 times

Question: A wrist watch which is running 12 minutes late on a Sunday noon is 16 minutes ahead of the correct time at 12 noon on the next Sunday. When is the clock 8 minutes ahead of time?

Answer:Friday 8 pm

Question: A clock loses 2 minutes in an hour and another clock gains 2 minutes in every 2 hours. Both these clocks are set correctly at a certain time on Sunday and both the clocks stop simulatneously on the next day with the time shown being 9 am and 10:06 am. What is the correct time at which they stopped?

Answer:9:44 pm

Question: Ramu purchased a second hand Swiss watch which is very costly. In this watch the minute-hand and hour hand coincide after every 653/11 minutes. How much time does the watch lose or gain per day?

Answer:5 min