Time Speed and distance QUESTIONS

Exam NameTime Speed and distance QUESTIONS
DescriptionTime Speed and distance QUESTIONS and Answers exams contains the questions from various competitive exams.These questions are the part of previous year paper.These kind of questions would be helpful in preparing for exams like IAS, PCS, UPSC, NDA, CDS SSC, RRB, PSC, IBPS

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Question: A is twice fast as B and B is thrice as fast as C. The journey covered by C in 78 minutes will be covered by A in:

Answer:13 min

Question: The ratio of speeds of A is to B is 2:3 and therefore A takes 20 minutes less time than B takes. What is the ratio of time taken by A and B?


Question: What is the time taken by A (in the above question)?

Answer:1 h

Question: A certain distance is covered at a certain spee. If half of this distance is covered in double the time, the ratio of the two speeds is:


Question: Two runner start running together for a certain distance, one at 5 km/h and another at 3 km/h The former arrives one and half an hour before the latter. The distance (in km) is:


Question: The ratio between the rates of wolking of A and B is 2:3. If the time taken by B to cover a certain distance is 48 minutes, the time taken (in minutes) by A cover the distance is:

Answer:72 min

Question: Two trains starting at the same time two stations 300 km apart and going in opposite directions, cross each other at a distance of 160 km from one of them. The ratio of their speeds is:


Question: A and B travel the same distance at 9 km/h and 10 km/h respectively. If A takes 20 minutes longer than B, the distance travelled by each is:


Question: Abhinav leaves Mumbai at 6 am and reaches Bangalore at 10 am Praveen leave Banglore at 8 am and reaches Mumbai at 11.30 am. At what time do they cross each other?

Answer:8.56 am

Question: Two persons, Alif and Laila start at the same time from Allahabad and Luchnow and proceed toward eah other at 45 km/h and 54 km/h respectively. When they meet, it is found that one of them has travelled 72 km more than the other. The distance between the places (in km) is:


Question: Walking at 4/5 of his normal speed, Dewang is 15 minutes late in reaching his club. What is the usual time taken by him to cover the distance?

Answer:1 h

Question: Walking at ¾ of her normal speed Malleshwari takes 2 hours more than the normal time. What is the normal time?

Answer:5 h

Question: Walking at 3/2 of his normal speed Shekhawat takes 40 minutes less than the usual time? What is the changed (new) time taken by Shekhawat?

Answer:1.2 h

Question: A man reduces his speed from 20 km/h to 18 km/h. So, he takes 10 minutes more than the normal time. What is the distance travelled by him?

Answer:30 km

Question: Osaka walks from his house at 5 km/h and reaches his office 10 minutes late. If this speed had been 6 km/h he would have reached 15 minutes early. The distance of his office from his house is:

Answer:12.5 km

Question: Sachin and Mongiya starting from the same place walk at the rate of 7.5 km/h and 9 km/h respectively. What time will they take to be 7.5 km apart, if they walk in the same direction?

Answer:5 h

Question: Two aeroplanes start from the same place in opposite directions. One goes towards east at 320 km/h and the other goes towards west at 400 km/h what time will they take to be 720 km apart?

Answer:1 h

Question: A man covers a certain distance by his own car. Had he moved 6 km/h slower,he would have taken 4 hours more. The distance (in km) is:

Answer:480 km

Question: If Deepesh had walked 20 km/h faster he would have saved 1 hour in the distance of 600 km. What is the usual speed of Deepesh?


Question: Harsha takes 3 hours more than Ashok, who drives his car 5 km/h faster than Harsha drives, to cover 180 km distance. What is the speed of Harsha?

Answer:15 km/h