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UP PCS (Preliminary) Examination. | Previous year

Exam NameUP PCS (Preliminary) Examination. | Previous year
DescriptionUP PCS (Preliminary) Previous year question 2013 which will help candidate to understand the pattern and system of questions in All type of Competitive exam. Some time previous year question all repeat in current year exam.
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Question: In which of the following states, High Courts have been setup in March, 2013 ? 1. Arunachal Pradesh 2. Meghalaya 3. Mizoram 4. Tripura Select the correct answer from the codes given below:

Answer:2 and 4 only

Question: The President of which of the following countries fled to Cameroon in March 2013 because of rebellion ?

Answer:Central African Republic

Question: Out of the following Indian dignatories who was the special guest at the 45th Independence Day function of Mauritius on March 12, 2013 ?


Question: The Island Nation situated in the South Pacific ocean which suffered huge loss due to earthquake generated Tsunami on February 6, 2013 is_

Answer:Soloman Island

Question: Who is the author of the book " Tendulkar the Cricketer of the Century " released on 20-03-2012 at Delhi ?

Answer:Vimal Kumar

Question: The Uttar Pradesh Government on 24th December decided to issue cards to Industrialists and Industrial association for easy access to its offices, The name of this card is:

Answer:Gold Card

Question: Which one of the following days was not shahi Snan (Royal Bath) day during Kumbh held in Allahabad in 2013 ?

Answer:Maha Shivaratri

Question: At the 85th Academy Awards function held in February 2013 the Oscar for the best film was won by-


Question: Among the following who was conferred Padma Vibhushan in 2013 ?

Answer:Prof. R.Narasimha

Question: Who won the 2013 Pritzker Architecture Prize which is considered to be the Nobel Prize in architecture announced in March 2013 in Los Angeles ?

Answer:Toyo Ito

Question: Which one of the following projects got a ruling in India's favour in February 2013 by the Hague's Permanent Court of Arbitration ?

Answer:Kishananganga Hydel Project

Question: Who is the author of the Shiva Trilogy the third book of which " The Oath of the Vayuputras" was launched in February 2013 ?

Answer:Amish Tripathi

Question: The recently released film "Kai Po Che" is based on the novel:

Answer:The 3 Mistakes of my Life

Question: Which eminent Indian Journalist has been appointed as the editor of Time International i n March 2013 ?

Answer:Bobby Ghosh

Question: The recent pact for Investment in the infrastructure sector in India signed by Sheikha Lubna Bin Khalid Al Qasimi with India's Industry Minister Anand Sharma Signified pact with :

Answer:United Arab Emirates

Question: Who among the following has been nominated to probe the Stampede at the Allahabad Railway Station on February 10, 2013 during the Kumbh ?

Answer:Hon. Justice Onkareshwar Bhatt

Question: Match List-I with List - II and select the correct answer by using the codes given below the lists : List-I(Biosphere Reserve) A. Nokrek B. Manas C. Dehang Debang D. Agasthyamalai List-II (Location) 1. Kerala 2. assam 3. Meghalaya 4. Arunachal Pradesh

Answer:A3 B2 C4 D1

Question: Former CBI Director Ashwani Kumar has been recently appointed Governor of :


Question: The Ambassador country was in news recently for giving an affidavit in the Supreme Court of India and not Honouring it ?


Question: Who among the following was at the centre of controversy at the Jaipur Literature Festival (January 2013 ) ?

Answer:Ashish Nandy