Uttarakhand pcs (pre)-2012 general studies

Exam NameUttarakhand pcs (pre)-2012 general studies

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Question: Which of the following food crops of Uttarakhand State, covers the maximum sown area ?


Question: As per 2011 Census, literacy rate of Uttarakhand State is :

Question: Which one of the following is the highest snow-covered peak of Uttarakhand State ?

Answer:Nanda Devi

Question: On which of the following rivers, the Tehri Hydro Power Project has been constructed ?

Answer:Bhagirathi and Bhilangana

Question: Which one of the following countries was included in "BRICS" in the last ?

Answer:South Africa

Question: The Bretton Woods Conference led to the establishment of :
I. I.M.F. II. I.B.R.D.
III. United Nations IV. W.T.O.

Answer:I and II

Question: Which one of the following organisations publishes the Human Development Report ?


Question: Which one of the following World Bank affiliates, provides assistance for poverty
alleviation to the world"s poorest countries ?

Answer:International Development Association

Question: When the exchange rate changes from 1$ = ` 60 to 1$ = ` 58, it means :
I. Rupee value has appreciated II. Dollar value has depreciated
III. Rupee value has depreciated IV. Dollar value has appreciated

Answer:I and II are correct.

Question: According to Malthusian Theory of Population, population increases in :

Answer:Geometrical Progression

Question: The Phillips Curve represents relationship between :

Answer:Inflation and Unemployment

Question: Which of the following economists propagated the Pure Monetary Theory of Trade Cycle ?


Question: Who is the author of the book "The Accumulation of Capital" ?

Answer:Mrs. Joan Robinson

Question: Which of the following economists, introduced fiscal policy as a tool to rectify the Great
Depression of 1929-30 ?

Answer:Prof. Keynes

Question: The Committee on Financial Sector Reforms 2008, in India was headed by :

Answer:Raghuram Rajan

Question: As per Census 2011, the sex ratio (number of females per 1000 males) in India is :


Question: The Planned Development Model was adopted in India from :

Answer:1st April, 1951

Question: Which one of the following is the Chairman of the National Development Council ?

Answer:Prime Minister of India

Question: Which of the following states in India is famous for rubber cultivation ?


Question: Which one of the following is part of fiscal policy ?

Answer:Tax policy