Uttarakhand pcs (pre)-2012 general studies

Exam NameUttarakhand pcs (pre)-2012 general studies

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Question: Tick out the correctly matched option out of the following combination of king and his
capital :

Answer:Somchand - Raj Bunga

Question: Who was known as "Nakati Rani" in the history of Garhwal ?

Answer:Karnavati Rani

Question: Garhwal Sarvadalita Board was constituted in 1928 A.D. by :

Answer:Jayananda Bharti

Question: Praja Mandal" was established at Dehradun with the objective :

Answer:To free the people from mis-rule of Tehri-Rajya

Question: Read the statements (A) and (B) and choose the correct answer from the codes given
below :
(A) The sixth century B.C. was a period of great religious upheaval in all parts of the
(B) The Vedic religion had become very complex.
Codes :

Answer:Both (A) and (B) are true

Question: The earliest known epigraphic evidence of Bhagvatism is :

Answer:Garuda column at Besnagar

Question: Buddhist text "Milindapanho" throws light on which Indo-Greek ruler ?


Question: In which Vedic text the term "Varna" is found referred for the first time ?


Question: There were different causes for the downfall of the Gupta empire. Which one was not the
cause among the statements given below ?