You work as a database administrator for Your duties include administrating a SQL Server 2008 server database named ABC-DB01. ABC- DB01 is hosting the SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS). ABC-DB01 hosts numerous measure groups including a group named ABCSales that makes more use of the refresh option that the other groups. You receive an instruction from the CIO to supervise ABCSales via ABC-DB01. You thus decide to monitor it in a table.
How can you achieve this?

1)The features of the AggregationFunction property should be modified.

2)The features of the Caching property should be modified.

3)The features of the ProactiveCaching property should be modified.

4)The features of the TransactionOption property should be modified.

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    The features of the ProactiveCaching property should be modified.

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  • Exam: 70-448 MS SQL Server 2008, Business Intelligence

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