The Supreme Court of India was set up by the;

1)Regulating Act 1773

2)Pitt's India Act 1784

3)Charter Act 1813

4)Charter Act 1833

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    Regulating Act 1773

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  • Exam: Constitutional development QUESTIONS

  • The Act limited Company dividends to 6% until it repaid a GB£1.5M loan (passed by an accompanying act, 13 Geo. 3 c. 64) and restricted the Court of Directors to four-year terms.

  • It prohibited the servants of company from engaging in any private trade or accepting presents or bribes from the natives.

  • The Act elevated Governor of Bengal, Warren Hastings to Governor-General of Bengal and subsumed the presidencies of Madras and Bombay under Bengal's control.

  • The Act named four additional men to serve with the Governor-General on the Calcutta Council: Lt-Gen John Clavering, George Monson, Richard Barwell, and Philip Francis. Barwell was the only one with previous experience in India. These councillors were commonly known as the "Council of Four".

  • A supreme court was established at Fort William at Calcutta. British judges were to be sent to India to administer the British legal system that was used there.

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