Who renovated Sudarshan Lake without using forced labour-

1)Chandragupta Maurya



4)Rudradaman- I

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    Rudradaman- I

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    The rock edict of Rudradaman at Junagadh, inscribed in 150 AD, speaks about the Sudarshan lake, built originally by the great Mauryan emperors. This edict, written in Sanskrit, notes the reparations done by Mahakshtrap Rudradaman on the Sudarshan Lake. Three hundred years after Rudradaman’s inscription, the edict of Skand Gupta also speaks about the reparations conducted by the Gupta king in 455-456 AD. These edicts show how important was the matter of water both for the people and the king.

    The Sanskrit Junagadh inscription dated 150 CE credits Rudradaman I with supporting the cultural arts and Sanskrit literature and repairing the dam built by the Mauryans. He in fact repaired the embankments of the lake Sudarshana, which was constructed by the Mauryas for checking floods.

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