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Question: You work as a database administrator at The network contains 15 SQL Server 2008 database servers. You are in the process of creating a SQL Server 2008 Integration Services (SSIS) package that has to be interpolated on all 15 database servers. However, you are unable to access the file system of the servers. You thus need to modify the package setting attributes while the package is running. What should you do?
1)You should create an XML configuration file. Then you should select the XML configuration type in the SSIS Package Configurations Organizer.
2)You should create a batch file that makes use of the dtutil utility program in order to set the package configuration properties while the package deploys into production.
3)You should create a SQL Server Configuration type using the SSIS Package Configuration Wizard. Then you should select a centralized Microsoft SQL Server in order to store the package configuration.
4)You should create a Web services that will contain the data task flow that will store the entries for the configuration properties in the SSIS Package Configurations.

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Exam Exam: 70-448 MS SQL Server 2008, Business Intelligence

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