The "ABC Index" announced by the Government of India is related with;





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  • Exam: upper subordinate 2014 QUESTIONS

    The “ABC Index” is an unweighted average of the four indicators.
  • Survival(% of children who survive toage 5)
  • Immunization (% of children who are fully immunized)
  • Nutrition (% of children who are notunderweight)
  • Schooling (% of children who attend school)

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    The Achievements of Babies and Children (ABC) Index measures four very basic aspects of child wellbeing - survival, immunisation, nutrition and schooling. India scores no more than 66% overall. But states such as Tamil Nadu and Himachal Pradesh, and even Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, have made rapid strides in child development. What is the key? The rights-based approach and outstanding records of active state involvement in the provision of health, nutrition and education services.

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