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Question: You work as a database administrator at You are in the process of creating a SQL Server 2008 Integration Services (SSIS) package on a development server named ABCDB03. The SSIS package obtains data that will be inserted in a database named CKProducts from a remote SQL Server 2008 database server named TESKING-DB01. The data is published to the MSDB database on a production server named ABC-DB02. You should make sure that only users belonging to the appropriate database role are able to change and run the package. What should you do?
1)You should assign the users to the db_system role.
2)You should assign the users to a pre-defined security role.
3)You should assign the users to a common database role in the default database.
4)You should assign the users to a common database role in the MSDB database.

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Exam Exam: 70-448 MS SQL Server 2008, Business Intelligence

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