Which of the five year plans mentioned below was badly hit by drought and two wars ?

1)First Five Year Plan

2)Third Five year plan

3)Fifth Five Year Plan

4)Sixth Five Year Plan

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    1.4 The grov/th performance of the economy in different plan periods is presented in Annexure 1.1. These data show that except for the Third Plan where, in the last year of the Plan, the economy was badly hit by a severe drought, the rate of growth of national income has ranged between 3 and 5 per cent which is a significant achievement. However, except in theFirst and Fifth Plan, the actual growth rates have been less than the higher targets specified in the Plans:—

    Table 1.1 Targetted and Actual Growth Rates (Percentages)

    Sl. No. Plan Target Actuals Growth rate for
    (0) (1) (2) (3) (4)
    1 First Plan 2.1 3.6 national income
    2 Second Plan 4.5 4.0 national income
    3 Third Plan 5.6 2.2 national income
    4 Fourth Plan 5.7 3.3 net domestic product
    5 Fifth Plan 4.4 5.2 gross domestic product.

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