With reference to the Indian history of art and culture, consider the following pairs:
Famous work of Site Sculpture
1. A grand image : Ajanta of Buddha's Mahaparinirvana With numerous celestial
musicians above and the sorrowful figures of his followers below
2. A huge image of : Mount Abu Varaha Avatar (boar Incarnation) of Vishnu, as he
rescues Goddess Earth from the deep and chaotic waters sculpted on rock
3. "Arjuna's Penance"/ : Mamallapuram "Descent of Ganga" sculpted on the surface of
huge boulders
Which of the pairs given above is/are correctly matched?

1)1 and 2 only

2)3 ONLY

3)1 AND 3 ONLY

4)1 ,2 AND 3

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    1 AND 3 ONLY

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  • Exam: CSAT IAS 2014

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