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Question: The clouds float in the atmosphere because of their low:


Question: Low temperatures (cryogenies) find application in:

Answer:space travel, surgery and magnetic levitation

Question: When water is heated from 0 degree C to 10 degree C its volume :

Answer:first decreases and then increases

Question: The change of a solid into vapour directly is called:


Question: A hollow sphere of radius R, a hollow cube of side R and thin circular plate of radius R made up of the some material are all heated to 20 degree C above room temperature. When left to cool in the room, which of them will reach the room temperature first ?


Question: What is the principle by which a cooling system (Radiator) in a motor car works ?


Question: Which of the following is the best conductor of the heat:


Question: The water from a hand pump is warm in winter because:

Answer:the temperature inside the earth is higher than the atmospheric temperature

Question: Which colour of heat radiation represents the highest temperature ?


Question: which one of the following statements is correct ? Transfer of heat energy from a heater coil to the cooking vessel takes place through the process of;

Answer:radiation and convection only

Question: How can boilng point of a liquid be reduced ?

Answer:by decreasing the pressure on the liquid

Question: The temperature of a body is an indicator of :

Question: The temperature of a body is an indicator of :

Answer:the average kinetic energy of the molecules of the body

Question: At normal temperature, due to a puncture the compressed air inside the tube of a car wheel suddenly starts coming out. Then the air inside the tube :

Answer:remains at the same temperatue

Question: A real gas can be liquefied by the application of pressure when its temperature is:

Answer:at the critical temperature

Question: Night are cooler in the deserts than in the plains because:

Answer:sand radiates heat more quickly than the earth

Question: Clear night are colder than cloudy nights because of :


Question: A gas thermometer is more sensitive than a liquid thermometer because a gas:

Answer:expands more than a liquid

Question: The speed of light with the rise in the temperature of the medium:

Answer:Remains unaltered

Question: Clothes keep us warm in winter because they

Answer:prevent the heat of the body from escaping