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Question: How many languages and dialects are spoken by people all over the world?


Question: Approximately, how many people speak Chinese language?

Answer:1 billion

Question: The language with the richest vocabulary is:


Question: English Language have more than ?? words:


Question: The oldest Indian language is:


Question: Which book has been printed in the maximum number of languages and these scripts?

Answer:The Bible

Question: The only religious book ever printed in a shorthand scripts is:

Answer:The bible

Question: The oldest printed work in the world, which dates back to AD 868 is:

Answer:The Hirake Sutra

Question: The largest book, the super book, is ?? and weight is ??

Answer:270 cm, 300 cm, 252 kg.

Question: Les Hommes de bonne volonté is the:

Answer:Longest novel ever published

Question: The author of the play/book ?Ratnawali? is:

Answer:Harsha Vardhan

Question: Which of the following in the book/play written by Maithili Sharan Gupt?


Question: The book Satyartha Prakash was written by:

Answer:Swami Dayanand

Question: The play/book Shakuntala was written by:


Question: Which of the following is the author of ?Song of India, The?:

Answer:Sarojini Naidu

Question: The author of the book ?Time machine? is:

Answer:H.G. Wells

Question: Which of the following book was written by Tulsidas:

Answer:Both (a) and (b)

Question: The book Vish Vriksha was written by:

Answer:Bankimchandra Chatterjee

Question: The book We Indians was written by:

Answer:Khushwant Singh

Question: Which of he following is he author of play/book Yashodhara:

Answer:Maithili Sharan Gupt