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Question: The state animal of Rajasthan is-


Question: The Malaysian Airlines aircraft that show down over Ukraine in July 2014 was-


Question: Who is the High Commissioner of India in London ?

Answer:Rajan Mathai

Question: Who is the National Security Advisor of India ?

Answer:Ajit Doval

Question: Which of the following books is written by Hillary Clinton ?

Answer:All of the above

Question: The Chief Minister of Telangana is-

Answer:K.Chandrasekhar Rao

Question: The Chief Minister of Bihar is -

Answer:Jitan Ram Manjhi

Question: The Swarna Kamal of the Best feature film in 2013 was awarded to-

Answer:Bhaag Milkha Bhag

Question: The Election to the office of the President of India is conducted by -

Answer:The Election Commissioner of India

Question: What is the maximum age for election to the office of the President of India?

Answer:No age limit

Question: The number of chambers in the heart of a frog are-


Question: The human digestive tract is also known as -

Answer:Alimentary canal

Question: The plant hormones produced at the shoot tip cells to grow longer is-


Question: The harmone that is secreted in times of stress in human body-


Question: The scientist who first used a glass prism to obtain the spectrum of sun light was-

Answer:Johann Doppler

Question: Most of the sources of energy we use represent stored solar energy. Which of the following is not derived from the Sun's energy?

Answer:Wind energy

Question: The process of zinc coating on iron is known as-


Question: The term Radioactivity was first used by-

Answer:Henry Becquerel

Question: The treatment of diseases by using water is-


Question: Hermaphrodite is an animal which is-

Answer:Both male and female