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Question: An acid used in preservation of food stuffs-

Answer:Citric acid

Question: When a bottle of perfume is opened in one corner of a room the smell spreads throughout the room. This is an example of-


Question: Who invented the television?

Answer:JL Baird

Question: A sudden fall of mercury in barometer indicates;

Answer:Stormy weather

Question: Match the following:
A. Pascal B. Newton C. Joule D. Watt
1. Pressure 2.Force 3.Work 4. Power

Answer:A1, B2, C3, D4

Question: "When a body is immersed in a liquid fully or partially, it suffers an upthrust which is equal to the weight of the liquid displaced". This is known as -

Answer:Archimedes Principle

Question: Earth completes one rotation in 23 hr. 56 min. 4.09 second. If we look at Earth from outside, it is found to rotate from-


Question: Ozone layer is important because-

Answer:filters ultraviolet rays selectively

Question: NASA refers to-

Answer:National Aeronautics & Space Administration

Question: What does LCD stand for in the field of television technology ?

Answer:Liquid Crystal Display

Question: The world's highest plateau is the -


Question: Which of the following vitamins helps in clotting of blood ?


Question: What is the address given to computer connected to a network called?

Answer:IP address

Question: The full form of RBI is-

Answer:Reserve Bank of India

Question: ISI in Pakistan stands for-

Answer:Inter Services Intelligence

Question: Roger Federer is associated with which game-

Answer:Lawn Tennis

Question: The hormone secreted by pancreas is-


Question: Moti Masjid in the red Fort at Delhi was built by-


Question: Charak, Sushrut and Dhanvantari in ancient India are associated with which discipline of science?


Question: Kadambari the famous sanskrit epic was written by-

Answer:Baan Bhatt