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Question: The major aim of devaluation is to:

Answer:Encourage exports

Question: Which amongst the following currencies is the costliest ?

Answer:Pound Sterling

Question: Which of the following Mahatma Gandhi series of currency notes issued by the RBI has ecology depicted on it?


Question: Which of the following Mahatma Gandhi series currency notes issued by the RBI has a drawing of the Parliament House depicted on it ?


Question: Inflation is caused by :

Answer:Increase in money supply

Question: Devaluation usually causes the internal prices to :

Answer:Remain unchanged

Question: In India one rupee coins and notes and subsidiary coins are issued by:

Answer:The Central Government

Question: New Capital issue is placed in :

Answer:Primary market

Question: The process of curing inflation by reducing money supply is called:


Question: Long term funds in the capital market can be raised either by borrowing from certain institutions or through :

Answer:Issue of Securities

Question: The currecy of Thailand is;


Question: Which one of the following statement is correct :

Answer:Bad money drives good money out of circulation

Question: Who has the sole right to issue paper currency in India ?

Answer:The Reserve Bank of India

Question: Full convertibility of a rupee means :

Answer:determination of rate of exchange between rupee and foreign currencies freely by the market forces of demand and supply

Question: The present Indian monetary system is based on :

Answer:Minimum reserve system

Question: The term stagflation refers to a situation where:

Answer:rate of growth and prices both are decreasing

Question: The RBI issues currency notes under the :

Answer:Minimum Reserve System

Question: During period of inflation rates should :


Question: The existence of a parallel economy or Black Money:

Answer:makes the monetary policies less effective

Question: In the paralance of economy/commerce, what is Gittedged market ?

Answer:market of safe (such as Government) securities