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Exam NamePasses of India QUESTIONS
DescriptionPasses of India QUESTIONS and Answers exams contains the questions from various competitive exams.These questions are the part of previous year paper.These kind of questions would be helpful in preparing for exams like IAS, PCS, UPSC, NDA, CDS SSC, RRB, PSC, IBPS

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Question: Which of the following latitudes passes through India ?

Answer:Tropic of Cancer

Question: Which one of the following pairs is correctly matched ?

Answer:Radcliff Line----- India and Pakistan

Question: Duncan Passage is situated between -

Answer:South Andaman and Little Andaman

Question: Ten Degree Channel is between -

Answer:Little Andaman and Car Nicobar

Question: Nine Degree Channel separates-

Answer:Lakshdweep and Minicoy

Question: Macmohan line demarcates the boundary between -

Answer:India and China

Question: Between which one of the following pairs of Islands in Duncan Passage located ?

Answer:South Andaman and Little Andaman

Question: The 38th parallel separates-

Answer:North Korea and South Korea

Question: Durand line is the border common to which two countries-

Answer:Pakistan and Afghanistan

Question: 17th Parallel separates-

Answer:North and South Vietnam

Question: Which strait connects Red Sea and Indian Ocean ?


Question: What is the similarity between Milwaukee Deep, Java Trench and Challenger Deep ?

Answer:They are the deepest points of the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans, respectively

Question: Which of the following pairs is not correctly matched?

Answer:Lipu Lekh - Arunachal Pradesh