Questions and answers from R.R.B. Bhubaneshwar (A.S.M) Exam 2009

Exam NameQuestions and answers from R.R.B. Bhubaneshwar (A.S.M) Exam 2009
DescriptionExam Date:30-8-2009

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Question: 20. Vicious—


Question: 22. Bizarre-


Question: Innuendo stands for-


Question: Salutary stand for-


Question: Fictile stands for-


Question: Solid Carbon dioxide is termed as—

Answer:Dry ice

Question: 1 kg of a liquid is converted into its vapour at its boiling point. The heat absorbed in the process is called—

Answer:Latent heat of vaporisation

Question: Whether all the universities in the country should start online admission at all levels with immediate effect ?
(i) No, since all the students may not have access to the internet easily.
(ii) Yes, it may liberate the students and their parents from the long-standing problems of knocking at
the doors of different colleges and standing in queue.

Answer:Both the arguments, (i) and (ii), are correct

Question: The product ‘Fair and Lovely’ is related to—


Question: Should the Government make it compulsory for the private medical colleges to join the entrance test conducted by the Government ?
(i) No, private institutions should be empowered, so that they may decide their own admission strategy and improve their work-management.
(ii) Yes, all medical institutions, whether these are private or government’s, should adopt the same entrance standard.

Answer:Only argument (ii) is correct

Question: In case the President of India decides to resign, he will address his letter of resignation to—


Question: The metal extracted from Bauxite is—


Question: The Cyclone represents a state of atmosphere in which—

Answer:Low pressure in the center and high pressure around

Question: The ‘Ocean of Storms’ is the name given to—

Answer:A waterless area on moon surface

Question: The capital of Pallavas was—

Question: The capital of Pallavas was—


Question: Which Indian state was ranked as the No. 2 tourist destination in the world by LONELY PLANET?


Question: How much water is contained in our body by mass ?

Answer: 70%

Question: What determines the sex of a child ?

Answer:Chromosomes of the father

Question: The two civilizations which helped in the formation of Gandhara School of Art are—

Answer:Indian and Greek