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DescriptionSome expected questions for SSC Exam 2015. This topic covers the History, Geography, Current Affair, Political Science from various Previous Years questions which has been asked in different competition like PCS, IAS, SSC CGL, SSC CHSL etc.

SSC conducts Combined Graduate level exam. Graduate level consist various types of vacancies like Income Tax Inspector, Excise Inspector, Examiner, Assistant CSS, Preventive Officer, Assistant Enforcement Officer, and Sub-Inspector in CBI. Vacancies are declared every year. Students those who have Bachelor Degree and Age between 18 to 27 years can apply. (Relaxation in age and cut-off as per Government rule based on categories).Exam is conducted in three phases prelims mains and interview. A merit is declared based on the marks scored in all these three phases. Based on the merit and the choice filled by the candidate different posts are allotted. Vacancies for combined Graduate level Examination 2015 has been declared on 02.05.2015. Staff Selection Commission will hold the Combined Graduate level Examination, 2015 (Tier-I) on Sunday the 9th August 2015 & 16th August, 2015 and if necessary , on subsequent Saturdays/Sundays, In different batches, for selecting candidates for Tier-II examination for filling up different categories of posts in various Ministries/Departments/Organisation. Final selection through the Combined Graduate level Examination to specific categories of posts would be subject to receipt of intimation of confirmed number of vacancies from the concerned indenting Department/Ministries. For more detail as Number of vacancies, Age limit, Grade, Qualification such so many things please see The Employment News/rozgar Samachar dated 02/05/2015
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Question: Who was the first person to used the term Indus Civilization ?

Answer:John Marshall

Question: What was the period of Indus Civilization ?

Answer:2500 BC to 1750 BC (According to Carbon 14 dating)

Question: Which is the largest site of Indus Civilization ?


Question: Which is largest Indian Site of Indus Civilization ?


Question: Which Indus site were found in Afghanistan ?

Answer:Shatughai and Mundigaq

Question: Which civilization has first produce cotton ?

Answer:The Harappans

Question: In which Ved Ayurveda (Medicine) is described ?

Answer:Rig Veda

Question: In which ved Gandharvaveda i.e. Music is described ?

Answer:Sama Vdeda

Question: In which Ved Dhanurveda i.e. Archery is described ?

Answer:Yajur Veda

Question: In which Ved Shilpved/Arthaveda i.e. the science of craft/wealth is described ?

Answer:Atharva Veda

Question: Who was found of Sankhy Darshana ?

Answer:Kapila in Sankhya Sutra

Question: Who was founder of Yoga Darshana ?

Answer:Patanjali in Yoga Sutra

Question: Rigveda Society is comprised of how many varna and on what basis?

Answer:Four Varna Brahman,Kshatriya, Vaishaya and Sudra this division of society was based on the profession not on the birth.

Question: Who had succeeded Bimbisara ?

Answer:Ajatashatru had succeeded Bimbisara. He killed his father and seized the throne.

Question: Who has shifted the capital from Rajagriha to Patilputra ?


Question: Where Alexander the great died ?

Answer:Alexander reached Babylon in 323 BC where he died at the age of 33.

Question: With whom Mahatma Buddha was married ?

Answer:Mahatma Buddha was married in early age with Yosodhara (Princes of Kolli dynasty) from whom he had a son Rahul.

Question: What were the turning point of Gautam Buddha ?

Answer:Four sights 1. An Old man, 2. A deceased person 3. A Died body 4. An ascetic proved to be the turning point in his carrier.

Question: Where is Raisina Hill ?

Answer:Where Rashtrapati Bhavan is situated.

Question: The President of India enjoys emergency powers of -

Answer:three types