SSC CGL Pre 2013

Exam NameSSC CGL Pre 2013
DescriptionSSC conduct various type of test for the recruitment of Staff for Central Government for Graduate level and Non-Graduate level. Vacancies comes under SSC are S.I. Delhi, Income Tax Inspector, Excise Inspector, Examiner, Assistant CSS, Preventive Officer, Assistant Enforcement Officer, Sub-Inspector in CBI, FCI, Junior Engineer, Civil Engineer Assistant Grate-II (hindi), Typist (Hindi) and Assistant Grate III (General/Accounts/Technical/Depot). Rules and Regulations are declared with the declaration of vacancies. Here we have given Previous years papers with question and answer which helps the student for preparation competition. Students can get more detailed question and answer on subject collection box. Here we give solved paper for the year 2011 exam. Conducted on 26/06/2011 in Morning shift.. Hope it will help the candidate for preparation to appear in further coming exams of SSC. Back paper of the various years are available on the sight. It is also one of them. SSC CGL PRE 2013 solved paper.

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Question: Which one of the following is responsible for the working of Newton's colour disc experiment ?

Answer:Persistence of vision

Question: The dimension MLT-2 corresponds to-


Question: Who is the founder of quantum theory of radiation ?


Question: Fiber optics cable used in communication, works on the principle of-

Answer:total internal reflection of light

Question: Which was the first electronic computer constructed at the Moore School of Engineering ?


Question: Which among the following standard protocols is the most widely used by the Internet?


Question: The outer skin most of the crustaceans are made up of a carbohydrate. This carbohydrate is-


Question: Rutherford's scattering experiment proved the presence of-

Answer:nucleus in atoms

Question: When a metal is heated in a flame, the electrons absorb energy and jump to higher energy state. On coming back to the lower energy state, they emit light, which we can observe in-

Answer:Emission spectra

Question: Blood pressure may be increased by the excessive secretion of-


Question: The concept of 'Green House Gases' was postulated by :

Answer:Joseph Furier

Question: 'Bhopal gas tragedy' 1984 is related to-

Answer:Methyl isocyanate

Question: The Particulate Matter (PM-10) exhaled from the polluted atmosphere is often filtered out during the process of-

Answer:A and B

Question: Sarus crane is the state bird of-

Answer:Uttar Pradesh

Question: The Tongario volcano erupted on November 21, 2012 is in-

Answer:New Zealand

Question: The Daocheng Yading Airport is located in-


Question: BCCI named the "Indian Cricketer of the year 2011-12" to honour-

Answer:Virat Kohli

Question: 'Martyr's Day' is marked on-

Answer:January 30

Question: Who won the World Carrom Championship 2012 ?

Answer:Rashmi Kumari

Question: The animal who can consume more salt among the following is-