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Question: Who led the Salt Satyagraha Movement with Mahatma gandhi ?

Answer:Sarojini Naidu

Question: In which of the following movements did Mahatma Gandhi make the first use of Hunger Strike as a weapon ?

Answer:Ahmedabad strike 1918

Question: From where did Acharya Vinoba Bhave start the individual satyagraha in 1940 ?

Answer:Paunar in Maharashtra

Question: Which one of the following writings is not related to Mahatma Gandhi ?

Answer:The Holy Family

Question: The book Unto this Last which influenced Gandhi was authored by-

Answer:John Ruskin

Question: Moti Lal Nehru and Chitta Ranjan das were the founder member of the-

Answer:Swarajya Party

Question: Gandhi considered khadi as a symbol of -

Answer:Economic Independence

Question: India wins freedom is the autobiography of-

Answer:Abul Kalam Azad

Question: The Round Table Conference at London met for the decision of -

Answer:A future constitution of India

Question: Sarvodaya stands for-

Answer:Upliftment of all

Question: In which city of South Africa was Mahatma Gandhi beaten up and thrown off the pavement by the white people ?


Question: Who attend the Congress of Oppressed Nationalist at Brussels in 1927 on behalf of the National Congress ?

Answer:Jawahar Lal Nehru

Question: Gandhiji was the staunch supporter of-

Answer:Cottage Industries

Question: Who was the last British Viceroy of India ?

Answer:Lord Mountbatten

Question: The Swarajya party was formed following the failure of -

Answer:Non-cooperation Movement

Question: Who was the President of Indian National Congress when the Mountbatten Plan was accepted ?


Question: Who developed the idea that means justify the ends ?

Answer:Mahatma Gandhi

Question: Provincial Autonomy was one of the important features of the Act of -


Question: Who declared as his ultimate aim the wiping of every tear from every eye ?

Answer:Jawahar Lal Nehru

Question: In ends and means relationship Gandhiji believed -

Answer:Means determine the ends