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Question: The progressive development of the principles self-government in the administration of the city of Calcutta was suddenly checked by


Question: When did the Swadeshi Movement take place in Bengal to give fillip to the cotton industry in India?


Question: The famous resolution on Non-Cooperation was adopted by the Indian National Congress at a special session (September 1920) held at


Question: Which of the following events evoked tremendous upheaval of popular feeling in Bengal, leading to the boycott of British goods at the beginning of the 20th century?

Answer:Partition of Bengal

Question: Which of the following enactments of the British Parliament sought to perpetuate the extraordinary powers conferred on the Government of India during the First World Was?

Answer:Rowlatt Act

Question: Who was the founder of the Muslim League in India?

Answer:Nawab Slimulla

Question: When was the Muslim League formed?


Question: Who amongst the following Governors-General, was the first to adopt the device of separate electorates to win over the Muslims and set them against the Congress?

Answer:Lord Minto

Question: February 20, 1947 is an important date in the history of modern India. Which of the following events is associated with this date?

Answer:The British Government declared its intention to quit India by June 1948

Question: In which of the following provinces of undivided India was a referendum held to ascertain whether it should join Pakistan or not?

Answer:North-West Frontier Province

Question: The popular Congress Ministries in the provinces resigned in October-November 1939

Answer:As the Congress took exception to the fact that India was dragged into the war without her consent

Question: The All-India Trade Union Congress came into being in 1920 as the foremost representative of the labour movement in India. Who was the founder?

Answer:N.M. Joshi

Question: Who founded the Indian National Congress?


Question: Who was the Governor-General of India when the Indian National Congress was formed?

Answer:Lord Dufferin

Question: Which of the following statements about the Indian National Congress is not correct?

Answer:Right from the beginning the Government looked upon the Congress Movement with disfavour.

Question: When was the Partition of Bengal, effected during the time of Curzon, annulled?


Question: During the British Rule in India, when was a separate province consisting of Bihar and Orissa created?


Question: Who founded the Muhammadan Anglo-Oriental Collage, which was the forerunner of the Aligarh Muslim University?

Answer:Sir Syed Ahmad khan

Question: Who, amongst the following national leaders of India, preached through his paper kesari, his new ideals of self-help and national revival among the masses?

Answer:B.G. Tilak

Question: Which of the following statements about the British Rule of India is not correct?

Answer:The Indian Councils Act of 1892 very largely conceded the demands made by the Indian National Congress.