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Question: For quicker contact between India and England, when did the British establish a direct telegraph line between th two countries?


Question: When, for he first time during the British Rule, was the whole Army of Inida Placed under the single control of the Commander-in-Chief?


Question: Who was the Prime Minister of England when a statutory commission under the chairmanship of Sir John Simon was appointed to review the working of the Government of Inida Act, 1919?

Answer:Stanley Baldwin

Question: The report of the Simon Commission, which reviewed the working of the Act of 1919, was published in May 1930, and included all of the following recommendations, except

Answer:The British authority and control at the Centre was to be confined only to matters relating to defence, communications and foreign affairs.

Question: With the promulgation of which of the following Acts was which of the following Acts was Sind Constitued as a separate province?

Answer:Government of India Act, 1935

Question: When was Dyarchy as form of Government in the Governors' Provinces abolished?


Question: Under the Government of India Act, 1935, each of the following Provincial Legislatures consisted of two chambers, except in the case of


Question: The shifting of the capital of the Government of India during the British Rule from Calcutta to Delhi was announced by King George V at the Delhi Durban held in


Question: When for the first time, was the instition of Public Service Commission for recruitment to public service in India set up?


Question: Which of the following dates is regarded as a red-letter day in the history of modern India?

Answer:August 15, 1947

Question: When did the British Parliament pass the India Independence Bill?

Answer:July 1, 1947

Question: Who was the Chairman of the two Commissions appointed by the British Government for partition of the Provinces of Bengal and Punjab in 1947?

Answer:Sir Cyril Radclifte

Question: When, for the first time during the British Rule, the Exercutive Council, excepting the Viceroy and the Commander-in-Chief, Was composed of Indians only?


Question: Which of the following served the British in India to get in closer touch with their home in England in the 19th century?

Answer:Steam navigation

Question: The Partition of Bengal was effected by Lord Curzon in 1905

Answer:Mainly to curb and stifle the growth of national consciousness among the Hindus of Bengal

Question: Who amongst the following held the view that the Hindus and Muslims in India formed one nation, and said, "they are you injure the other"?

Answer:Sir syed ahmad khan

Question: Befor the Partition of Bengal effected during the Viceroyalty of Lord curzon, this province, Known as presidency of Bengal for purposes of civil administration, consisted of

Answer:Bengal, Bihar and Orissa

Question: When was the William Hunter Committee appointed to review the progress of education in India?


Question: " He was the frst Hindu whose personality won demonstrative recognition abroad at the close of the last century for India's ancient civilisation and for her newborn claim to nationhood." This was a tribute paid by Sir valentine Chirol to the genius of

Answer:Swami Vevekannda

Question: Which, among the following, put in the forefront of its programme the idea of social service, not as a mere philanthropic work, but as an assential discipline for religious and spiritual life?

Answer:Ramakrshna Mission