Uttar Pradesh P.C.S. Samiksha Adhikari Exam 2006

Exam NameUttar Pradesh P.C.S. Samiksha Adhikari Exam 2006
DescriptionExam Date:10-8-2008

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Question: The only Indian Governor General was—

Answer:C. Rajagopalachari

Question: Which plan became the basis for Indian independence ?

Answer:Mountbatten Plan

Question: Which part of Indian Constitution has been described as the soul of the Constitution ?

Answer:Right to Constitutional Remedies

Question: Name the Indian who attended all the Three Round Table Conferences—

Answer:B. R. Ambedkar

Question: Rabindranath Tagore relinquished his Nighthood as a measure of protest against—

Answer:Jallianwala Bagh Massacre

Question: The 52nd amendment to the Constitution of India deals with—


Question: The Panchayati Raj was recommended by—

Answer:Balwantrai Mehta Committee Report, 1957

Question: The President of India can nominate—

Answer:12 members to Rajya Sabha

Question: UNO has fixed the target for Education for All‘ till the year—


Question: The subjects on which both the Centre and State Governments can legislate are contained in—

Answer:The Concurrent List

Question: Which State Legislative Assembly has the maximum strength (number of members) ?

Answer:Uttar Pradesh

Question: The concept of Fundamental Rights‘ enshrined in the Indian Constitution was borrowed from which country‘s constitution ?


Question: The maximum strength of Lok Sabha has been fixed at—


Question: The Constitution of India was adopted by the Constituent Assembly on—

Answer:November 26, 1949

Question: In India the Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee is appointed by—

Answer:Speaker of the Lok Sabha

Question: Which one of the following statements is correct regarding the introduction of money bill ?

Answer:It is introduced in the Lok Sabha

Question: Who is the Chairman of the Planning Commission ?

Answer:Prime Minister

Question: The minimum age required for election to Rajya Sabha is—

Answer:30 years

Question: Which one of the following taxes is levied and collected by the Union but distributed between Union and States ?

Answer:Tax on income other than on agricultural income

Question: Sikkim became a new state b-

Answer:35th Amendment