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Question: Which is not included in the private income arising in a country ?

Answer:Current Payments on foreign loans

Question: In India agriculture income is calculated by :

Answer:Output method

Question: Who coined the term Hindu rate of growth for Indian Economy ?

Answer:Raj Krishna

Question: GDP at factor cost is:

Answer:GDP minus indirect taxes plus subsidies

Question: Per Capita Income is obtained by dividing National Income by:

Answer:Total population of the Country

Question: Which one of the following is a development expenditure ?

Answer:Irrigation expenditure

Question: Gross Domestic Product is defined as the value of all:

Answer:Final goods and services produced in an economy in a year

Question: Depreciation is equal to:

Answer:Gross National Product-Net National Product

Question: Which one of the following is not a method of measurement of National Income ?

Answer:Investment Method

Question: Net National Product (NNP) of a country is:

Answer:GNP minus depreciation allowances

Question: National Income is based on the:

Answer:production of goods and services

Question: Which of the following is definitely a major indication of the state of the economy of a country ?

Answer:Rate of GDP growth

Question: Which of the following can be called as a part of the service Sector ?


Question: Many a times we read a term in financial newspapers GDP. What is the full form of the same?

Answer:Gross Domestic Product

Question: In terms of economics the total value of the output (goods and services) produced and income received in a year by a domestic residents of a country put together is called:

Answer:Gross National Product

Question: Which of the following is equivalent to National Income ?

Answer:Net National Product at factor cost

Question: Which sector of Indian Economy contributes largest to the Gross National Product ?

Answer:Teritary Sector

Question: National Income estimates in India are prepared by:

Answer:Central Statistical Organisation

Question: Per Capita Income of a country derived from:

Answer:National Income and Population both

Question: The main source of National Income in India is:

Answer:Service Sector