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Question: Khalsa was founded by-

Answer:Guru Gobind Singh

Question: Which was the birth place of Guru Nanak ?


Question: Which Governor General had entertained Ranjit Singh withgreat honour of at Ropar ?

Answer:William Bentick

Question: Which Governor General is associated with Doctrine of Lapse ?

Answer:Lord Dalhousie

Question: Tipu Sultan took support of which one of the following powers to fight the English ?


Question: In which of the following years the Battle of Buxar was fought ?


Question: Which one of the following places was famous as capital of Tipu Sultan ?


Question: Tipu Sultan died fighting the English Forces uder-

Answer:Lord Wellesley

Question: When did the British Government start ruling India directly-

Answer:After Sepoy Mutiny

Question: Who was the first Indian native ruler to accept the system of Subsidiary Alliance ?

Answer:Nizam of Hyderabad

Question: Who issued firman granting Diwani of Bengal,Bihar and Orissa to the English ?

Answer:Shah Alam II

Question: The State of Jhansi was made a part of the British Empire in India through-

Answer:The Policy of doctrine of lapse

Question: With reference to the treaties made by the English with native rulers of India in the 18 Century which one of the following pairs us Not correctly mactch ?

Answer:Treaty of Manglore--------Anwasruddin

Question: With reference to the colonial rule of India, which one of the following was not the feature of Subsidiary alliance system ?

Answer:Indian Soldiers could be used by the company commanders

Question: What was the reason of ground for the British empire to Annex Sambalpur in 1850 ?

Answer:Death of its ruler with an heir

Question: Who among the following not not a party to the league that was defeated by the Britishin the Battle of Buxar ?

Answer:Mir Jafar

Question: The founder of the autonomous of Avadh was-

Answer:Saadat Khan Burhahan-ul-Mulk

Question: The Dual Government recommended by Lord Clive provided that the-

Answer:Criminal justice would be left to the Nawabi Officials which civil and fiscal matters would be controlled by the company

Question: Who of the following joined Mir qasim and Shujauddaula in declaring war upon the English East India Company and was later defeated by the British at the Battle of Buxar ?

Answer:Shah Alam II

Question: Which of the following Indians was appointed as Deputy Diwan of Bihar by Robert Clive ?

Answer:Raja Shitab Rai