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DescriptionBiodiversity QUESTIONS and Answers exams contains the questions from various competitive exams.These questions are the part of previous year paper.These kind of questions would be helpful in preparing for exams like IAS, PCS, UPSC, NDA, CDS SSC, RRB, PSC, IBPS

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Question: Which one of the following is the first national park established in India?


Question: Consider the following statements 1.National park are a special category of protected areas of land and sea coasts, where people are an integral part of the system. 2.Sanctuaries are concerned with conservation of particular species. 3.Biosphere reserves are connected with the habitate of a particular wild animal. Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

Answer:2 only

Question: The red data book containing information on all wild plant and animals which is in danger of extinction has been published by which one of the following?

Answer:International union for conservation of nature and natural Resources (IUCN)

Question: Consider the following regions of India- 1. Western Ghat 2. Aravali Hills 3. Eastern Himalayas. Which of the above is/are biodiversity hot spot/hot spots-

Answer:1 and 3 only

Question: Where is Asiatic wild Ass is found ?

Answer:Rann of Kachchh

Question: Biodiversity forms the basis for human existence in the following ways-
1. Soil formation 2. Prevention of soil erosion 3. Recycling of waste 4. Pollination of crops.
Select the correct answer using the codes given below:

Answer:1,2 and 3 only

Question: Which one of the following is not a site for in-situmethod of conservation of flora ?

Answer:Botanical Garden

Question: The Red Data Books published by the International Union for conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (INCN) contain list of-1. Endemic plant and animal species present in the biodiversity hotspots. 2.Threated plant and animal species.3. Protected sites for conservation of nature and natural resources in various countries:-
Select the correct answer using the codes given below:-

Answer:2 only

Question: Polar bears are carnivores and prey on many arctic birds and fish. However, under natural conditions, no one found polar bears predating any penguin. This is because-

Answer:Polar hears no penguins nerer coexist under natural conditions. The former lives in the North pole while the later lives in the south pole.

Question: Which of the following is the smallest bird ?

Answer:Humming bird

Question: The Coral reefs are the marine counterpart of-


Question: Development of the natural systems is described as-

Answer:Self sustained process of the system

Question: Which one of the following strongly threatens biodiversity?

Answer:Destruction of natural habitates and regetation and Jhum cultivation.