Upper Subordinate 2014 (Main) General Study 2nd Paper

Exam NameUpper Subordinate 2014 (Main) General Study 2nd Paper
Descriptionutterpeadesh public service commission Upper Subordinate 2014 (Main) General Study 2nd Paper

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Question: A father tells his son "I was your present age when you were born". If the father is 64 years old now, the age of son after 10 years will be:

Question: A sum of Rs. 6,240 is paid off in 30 installments in such a way that each installment is Rs. 10 more than the previous installment. The first installment would be of:

Question: A and B are poets and students, B and C are athletes and students, D and C are students and businessmen, A and E are social workers, B, C and E are athletes, A, B and D are poets. Who is poet, athlete and student?

Question: Krishna walks 1 km East of his house, then 1 km North, again 2 km East, 3 km South and 3 km West. To reach his house he must walk:

Answer:2 km North

Question: The value of Coefficient of co-relation lies between:

Question: One train starts from place' A 'at 5:00 pm and reaches the place 'B' at 6:00 pm. Another train starts from place 'B' at 5:00 pm and reaches place 'A' at 6:30 pm. The two trains will cross each other at:

Question: Histogram is drawn with:

Question: Percentiles are the value of the variate which divides the total frequency into "K" equal parts. K is equal to:

Question: Quartiles and deciles divide the total frequency in (K1, K2) equal parts. (K1, K2) are:

Question: Mode of the following observations 0, 1,6,7,2,3,7,6,6,2,6,0,5,6,0 is:


Question: 11. When the variable is height in centimetres, the unit of the standard deviation is:

Question: If the standard deviation of a variable X is , then the standard deviation of 4X + 5 is:

Question: A fair coin is tossed thrice. The probability of getting atleast two heads is:

Question: The table below gives size of memberships in an organisation:
Year Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4 Y5 Y6 Y7
No. of members 25 47 54 75 86 94 99
The percentage increase in Y7 compared to Y6 is:

Question: Graphical representation of data can be done by:

Question: In a Tehsil the numbers of people are as follows:
Children Adults Old
250 450 200
The angle substituted at the centre in a pie-diagram, corresponding to children is:

Question: If M1 and M2 are the A.M. of two sets of data with N1 and N2observations respectively and the two sets of data are combined together, then the A.M. of the combined data is:

Question: The median of the following set: 2000, 1180, 1785, 1500, 560, 782, 1200, 385, 1123, 222:

Question: Consider the series X1, X2, ...,..Xn with G.M. G1 and Y1, Y2 ,....,. Yn with G.M. G2 and define Zi=Xi/Yi, i=1,2,...... n, then the G.M. of Z's is:

Question: The two comulative frequency distribution cut each other at the point corresponding to the: