The First Governor General and Viceroy of British India was-

1)Lord Dalhousie

2)Lord Canning

3)John Lawrence

4)Warren Hastings

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    Lord Canning

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    The question should be corrected to" The last governor General and first Viceroy of British India was.....

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    No. It is correct. The title of Viceroy was additionally conformed upon the Governor General of India after War of Independence of 1857 when British Crown took control directly on a lot of matters from 1957 onwards and both titles remained. The last Governor General of India was R.C. Gopalachari. The title of viceroy didn't replace but just added to the title of Governor General. The tradition of shortening and just using the tile of Viceroy of India cmae about because to write and say, the ViceRoy and Governor General of India was too long.

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